September 27, 2016

Split Testing & Conversion Tracking Lessons

I've never been much into split testing and conversion tracking...because it takes time. I rather work on new products and release them quickly, then move on. It's much more fun for me to work on new stuff, and since my partner Jason and I have done so well in our business, we really have not worried about trying to increase conversions at the small percentage level. ┬áIt just did not seem that important based on our revenue as it is. However, a few months ago, a good friend, Andrea … [Read more...]

WordPress Membership Plugins (List, Comparison, & Reviews)

WordPress is a great platform not only for blogs, but also for setting up membership sites to deliver premium content. There are a lot of WordPress membership plugins available these days and the options can be confusing. I have had a chance to play with a few of them and will share what I have learned in this post. I will update this post once in a while when updates become available or as I learn something new. If you would like to stay updated, please bookmark this URL and check back once … [Read more...]